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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should we place the kitchen in the house?
     The Best place for kitchen is south-east corner of the house. Second best place is north-west.

2. Is toilet good in north east area?
     No. Toilet is not preferable in the north-east corner of the house, as it brings bad luck making life struggling.

3. Where the toilet should be placed in the house?
     Best place for toilet is North West area. If not available, toilet can be made in west and south.

4. Which is the best place for master bed room?
     South west, south, and west are the most preferred places for master bed room.

5. In which direction should we place our head while sleeping?
     The best direction for placement of head during sleeping is south.

6. Which place of house is called Brahmsthal?
     Centre of the plot is called Brahmsthal. It is the most important area of the house and must be kept open and light.

7. What happens if kitchen is placed in north direction?
     North is the direction for money and financial situations of a family. If kitchen is placed in the north area finance of family burn making family poor and leads hard and struggling life.

8. Where should we place stairs in the house?
     Stairs show upliftment of a person or family. The best place of stairs is south, south west, North West and west direction.

9. In which direction stairs move?
     Stairs must move in clockwise direction as energy of earth and cosmos always move in clockwise orientation.

10. How much steps should be there in one staircase?
     Steps should always be odd in number. Example: 15, 17, 19, 21 etc.

11. What direction should the main door open to?
     The most auspicious direction to open the main door is north, north east and east.

12. What happens if door is open in south?
     South, south west and west directions are not suited for opening of main door as they bring instability both mental and financial. So, they must be avoided.

13. What is the result of staircase in east direction?
     East is the direction of success, both public and family. Staircase in this direction creates fractions in family and lack of success in business and appreciation in services or job.

14. Can we place toilet beneath stair case?
     No. According to Vastu, toilet should not be placed beneath the staircase. It gives unwanted pressure between relations and attracts diseases in the house.

15. What is “Nazar-Dosh”?
     Nazar Dosh is break up of house aura due to evil or negative energies. Negative energies come to house by negative thoughts of guests visiting the house or people coming from cremation or from hospitals.
     Nazar Dosha or negative energies bring distraction, instability, diseases, depression and bad luck.
     * Vastu just for you can help in rectification of nazar dosha, negative energies and evil energies.

16. What happens if tap or washroom or toilet or bathroom or washing area is in south east direction?
     South east direction is called Agni Kund of the house which means fire body should be placed in this direction. This is the direction of wealth generation, luxury attraction and women health. Placement of water in this direction causes loss of wealth and illness in women of the house and struggle in attraction of luxuries like cars, ACs etc.

17. In which direction one should face while studying?
     To gain maximum concentration one should face north east direction.

18. What happens if septic tank is there in south west direction of the house?
     Septic tank in south west causes major financial loss and sudden death and accidents. This brings highly unstable financial conditions.

19. Where over head tanks should be placed?
     The best direction to place over head tank is west.

20. In which direction over head tanks should not be placed?
     Over head tanks if placed in north does loss to money and career.
     Over head tank if placed in north east does loss to luck and fate. New opportunities f success doesn’t come when over head tank is placed in north east.
     If over head tank is placed in east it brings losses to children’s education and success.

21. People often ask about bedroom placement in houses, that where should we place bedrooms?
     Bedrooms are not only rooms but for us they are recharging points as after a full day working when person retires to sleep he must wake up refreshed and with new energy. Faulty placement of bedroom makes person dull, dizzy, and depressed with half potential of working and low esteem. Bedroom placed in south direction is the best bedroom which gives person bundles of energy. Bedroom placed in south west are comfortable in nature. Bedroom placed in west are auspicious. Bedroom in north direction suppresses fertility. People lack children while using north bedroom. Bedroom in north east becomes cause of separation in couples. Bedroom in south east causes fractions between couples. Bedrooms in north-west cause negative vibes.

22. What happens if toilet or kitchen placed in centre or brhama sthala of house?
     Both lead to surgical operations in stomach and abdomen area.
     If pit is there in Brahma sthala people get diabetes as a gift.
     If well is there in Brahma sthala kidney failures and slip disk occurs frequently.

23. Where drawing room should be placed?
     Favourable directions for drawing room are north and east.

24. Where should we do pooja in the home?
     The best direction for pooja is north east which enhances luck and fortune. New opportunities come when one does pooja in north east direction.
     Second most favourable direction is north which facilitates money and finances.
     Third most auspicious direction for pooja is east which builds perfect relations and facilitates growth in business.

25. Where should we not do pooja?
     Placement of mandir should not be done in south as it attracts unwanted fractions both in business and home.
     Pooja in south west gives sudden losses.
     Pooja in west gives delays.