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About Us
This is the name given by my mentor Shri Avdesh Pandey is with a vision to spread mystic laws of Vastu to all, common people so that everybody got benefited with the laws and makes his and his belongings, life happy, prosperous and happening.

We at Vastu just for you aware people with the Vastu and Vastu rectification methods by means of consultancy. A unique technique has been made up to see each premises with mystic eye of Vastu. The basic concept is to rectify the faulty houses with pyramids, color therapy, fenshui etc. So that person living in it can get result of Vastu without demolition. In today’s context demolition is too costly and time taking that one cannot afford it.

In metropolitan cities where culture of flats and apartments is rich one cannot follow Vastu up to the mark which causes certain type of disturbances in life making it uneasy and uncomfortable. With Vastu rectification measures one can change his life in positive way.

This world is full of mystics and we are one part of that mystics, many power and energies influence us. Thus we can say our lives are combination of different energies making us a consolidate energy which we named as human. Some of these energies which I recognized are astral energies which come from stars and astral bodies. Our earth is also an astral body so it has its own potential energy which influences us the most.

Whenever we set boundaries on the raw earth we come in influence of earthen energies. Our ancient Vedic rishis given this energy name as Vastu means “to live” I found this energy influences a lot and lives change when we come in influence of this energy. Home or houses is one of the basic need of human living. Everybody wants shelter to live in and energy of house causes effect on one’s subtle mind which creates its fate either in positive or negative way.

The study of this earthen energy is called Vastu shastra or laws of Vastu. These laws are in scripted in Indian mythological scriptures like Vishwakarma Parakash, Angi Puran, Matasya Purana, Myamattam. The laws of Vastu help houses making home and a place to share love and care. Where our siblings nurture with affection and one rejuvenates after a long day of work. Vastu also affects the workplace. We see some of the financial premises gain fast financial growth while others not grow rise to skies while others struggle for living. On studying thoroughly we found more positive energies in the successful premises than of strugglers.

I also encountered Vastu about 12 years back, When I made furniture for my shop and renovated it for good purpose to grow and attract more customers but the affect was adverse. The sale goes down and no. of satisfied customers dwindled making my shop and me struggle. I was in tension what to do and not to do. The shop was same yet no productivity happened. Then one day I shared my problem with my close friend. He took me to a divine personality and now my guru Ji Shri Avdesh Pandey ji. He gave me some suggestions about Vastu and gave few pyramids to install in the shop. The results stunned me, the shop received just in three months. Again my business is gaining profits, customers coming, debts going down and I was happy again.

I started visiting him frequently. He pursue me to study Vastu and astrology both, in his guidance I researched different aspects of Vastu, astrology, earth energies, effects of various dimensions and directions. In his godly guidance I did my PGD Vastu from Uttarakhand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya and got certified from the largest pyramid maker Dr. Jiten Bhatt. His ideology of energy shiftment influenced me and I started practicing Vastu and its rectification methods professionally. People came in touch they made changes in their houses and offices and got benefited. This is just a starting. With grace of my Guruji the mystic laws of Vastu are now known to everyone. People are getting aware and a revolution of happiness and fulfillment is coming with the help of Vastu.